Monitoring System Spares Kit

To save time and to minimize down time, TX Technology Corp. has configured a selection of monitoring system spare parts kits to provide immediate access to the necessary spares. Each kit is housed in a ruggedized, anti-static carrying case that enables it to be transported easily on-site with maximum integrity.

640 L-3

Included in this kit is everything necessary to fully replace the functional circuit cards of the 640 PR L-3 Monitoring and Control System. A spare card cage and back plane are also provided to serve not only as a convenient method of holding the spare cards, but also enable a rapid system change-out to permit detailed trouble shooting off-site.

The standard kit includes:
1-Card cage assembly 
1-System back plane:P/N 4700A82
1-640 L-3 Power Supply:P/N 4700A110
1-640 L-3 CPU: P/N 036B293*00 (*Please specify software)
1-640 L-3 DMM:P/N 036B310-00
2-640 L-3 ST:P/N 4700A75
1- Carrying Case:P/N 6133A28

Eighteen empty slots are available to accommodate additional spare circuit boards.
Please consult factory for kit part numbers and pricing. Other versions are available to accommodate specific requirements.


The Hercules spare parts kit is housed in a slotted carrying case that can accommodate seven spare circuit boards plus additional test plugs.

The standard kit is configured as follows:
1-H-PS/24/48 Power Supply:P/N 036B275-00
1-H-940 CPU:
or 1-H-740 CPU:
P/N 036B301-00
P/N 036B251B00
1-H-MOD 2400 baud modem:P/N 036B294-00
2-I/O Modules from choice of:
H-24B Binary board:
H-D/ST Digital board:
H-16/C 16 Control card:

P/N 036B260-00
P/N 036B297-00
P/N 036B257-00
1-Transducer simulator plug:P/N 4700A92
2-Binary simulator test plugs - One add, one even channel 

Please consult factory for kit part numbers and pricing.