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  Hercules 940
Remote Monitoring and Control System
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In Greek mythology, Hercules is noted for his strength and courage, and for completing the impossible "Twelve Labors."

Today, the Hercules 940 from TX Technology has come to represent the most advanced and most powerful remote monitoring and control system in the modern world. It can monitor and report on a wide range of input devices or monitoring points, including relay contact closures, pressure, and flow transducers and a host of new analog sensors/transmitters. So detection of harmful deviations in cable pressure, asset environments, and equipment status and condition reaches you - wherever you are - instantly.

Its advanced technology and design innovations help you
  • Protect outside plant equipment
  • Monitor CO and communications network
  • Spot trends before they become service-affecting conditions

Hercules 940 will warn you of malfunctions of deviations from identified norms and allow you to take corrective measures immediately.
Using an exceptional array of monitoring devices, the custom-configured Hercules keeps a continuous and watchful eye on your essential, vital equipment, protecting it from harmful divergences in a number of critical and potentially damaging factors, including:
  • Cable pressure and flow
  • Power failure, battery condition and rectifier output
  • Moisture and humidity: splice cases, C.E.V.'s, C.O.'s
  • Hydrocarbons: back-up generators, fleet service centers, manhole intrusion
  • Water intrusion, sumps, C.E.V.'s, cable vaults, power rooms

Hercules 940 is on guard 24 hours-a-day to be your eyes and ears to protect your
  • Telephone cables
  • Telephone switching equipment
  • Air dryers
  • Power equipment rooms
  • Remote radio sites
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Digital carriers
  • And any other remotely located property or equipment

Features that make the Hercules 940 the most powerful, intelligent, and versatile remote monitoring and control system in the world:
  • Automatic alarm reporting - can send threshold, restoral, trend, or escalation alarms to as man as ten different locations in eight priority levels
  • Multiple levels of security passwords - to allow selective access to critical information while maintaining security safeguards
  • Day/night shift modes with different reporting locations so you can be certain that when an alarm is reported it hoes to a manned location
  • Comprehensive real-time on-demand reports
  • Monitors contact closures - programmable for both wet and dry contacts, for both normally open and normally close, as well as flow and pressure transducers, up to a total of 336 devices
  • Supports multiple operations - up to three operators can interrogate the system simultaneously, generating multiple simultaneous reports without interrupting monitoring process
  • Power failure protection - a lithium battery mounted on the CPU protects program and data memory in the event of power loss
  • Modular open architecture - system can be easily configured to meet your exact specifications and requirements, and can be modified to meet your changing needs
  • Compact, easy to use and install - 19 or 23 inch rack mount configurations save space
  • Smart enough to act "dumb" for centralized monitoring systems
  • Teleducer compatible for remote satellite monitoring

Historical data reporting and trend analysis can help you spot potential problem areas and schedule corrective maintenance.

Total modularity gives you the flexibility to build to meet your particular needs, today and into the future.

Lowest cost of ownership in the industry, plus outstanding tech support:
  • FREE tech support 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week
  • Same day factory repair service
  • Advance replacement
  • Full 2 year warranty on all parts
  • 2 years of FREE software upgrades and enhancements
  • Off-site emergency monitoring available
  • FREE lifetime customer support
  • No need to purchase additional software
  • No planned obsolescence - designed to meet your needs today...and into the future

Link to Specifications and Spares Kit info.

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