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Here you can download service and installation bulletins (in PDF format). You can also find these bulletins on a corresponding product page.

Air Dryer General bulletins:

  1. Chart of Purge Rates (002B110-00)
  2. Selection Chart for Humistat Set Plugs (002B115-00)
  3. Humidity Sensor Elements Testing and Replacement (002B101-00)
  4. Humistat Installation Data (002B027-00)
  5. Electrical Connections to High/Low Voltage Oil-Less Compressors (002B123-00)
  6. Maintenance of G075L 3/4 H.P. Compressors (002B335-00)
  7. New Compressor Filters Reduce Maintenance (002B346-00)
  8. Compressor Output Flow Tester (002B408-00)
  9. Back Pressure Valve Modification (002B051-00)
  10. Pressure Switch Inspection and Wiring Modification (002B097-00)
  11. Universal Alarm Interface Unit (002B084-00)

3 PAK / 6 PAK Air Dryer Bulletins:

  1. 6-PAK 60 VDC Power Supply (TB002-91)
  2. 6-PAK and 3-PAK Controller Installation (002B072-00)
  3. Precautions for Circuit Board Handling (002B312-00)
  4. By-Pass Regulator/Flow Switch Assembly and Installation (002B125-00)

6 PAK Air Dryer Bulletins:

  1. Line Voltage Corrector (002B078-00)
  2. Check Valve Modification Kit for 6-PAK Air Dryers (002B088-00)
  3. 6-PAK Circuit Breaker Assembly (002B089-00)
  4. Identification of 6-PAK Air Dryers... Notes for Installation of CDK-68 Expansion Module (002B124-00)
  5. Required Inspection Procedure for 6-PAK L.V.Units (002B141-00)
  6. 6-PAK Caution and Warning Labels (002B142-00)
  7. Module Power Connection Retrofit Kit 6-PAK Air Dryers (002B353-00)

Polemount bulletins:

  1. Polemounted Air Dryer Remote Monitoring bulletin(002B152-00)

Transducers bulletins:

  1. Type 100F Pressure Transducer service bulletin

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