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  • Fully alarmable for humidity, pressure, power
  • Economical operation
  • Multiple system applications
  • Economical dehydration
  • Four SCFD versions
  • Low maintenance, compact size

Micro Dri
and Micro Dri II

Air Dryer Systems

Micro Dri - Designed for low output applications where full system features are required. Micro Dri Series 50, 200, and 600 have respective outputs of 50, 225, and 600 SCFD. Their output air is delivered at -40° (-40°C) dewpoint.

Micro Dri Series Dryers are equipped with a reserve tank, system regulator, and individual alarm connections to facilitate remote monitoring of the unit.

Micro Dri Series Dryers are available with a variety of features that custom tailors the system for specific applications.

Protects and enhances performance of:
  • coaxial cables
  • microwave systems
  • cellular radio antenna systems
  • fiber optics
These include:
  • solid state humidity alarm with system shutdown or bypass
  • high/low outlet pressure alarm
  • reserve tank pressure gauge
  • run-time hourmeter
  • sound insulation and fan package
  • and two outlet pressure packages (0-2 or 0-15 PSIG)

These units may be either rack mounted on 23" or 19" equipment racks, or can stand alone with installed rubber feet. Ultra-low dewpoint models are also available for low noise amplifier applications.

Micro Dri II - The most economical air dryer on the TX product line. The Micro Dri II Series offers output ranges of 50, 225, or 600 SCFD. Designed for pressurizing small volumes at low pressures of 0-2 or 0-15 PSIG nominal. These low-cost space-saving units deliver dry, oil-free air to all types of antenna, waveguide and cable systems, Two desiccant towers are cycled every 30 seconds to maintain -40° dewpoint.

Standard features include reservoir tank with safety valve and pressure regulator (0-2 or 0-15 PSIG), low pressure alarm, visual humidity indicator, and an AC line filter. All components are frame-mounted, allowing stand-alone operation or wall-mounting.

Link to Specifications. There are also Bulletins available for downloads.

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