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  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Modular design
  • Automatic output adjustment

16,000 and
24,000 SCFD

6-PAK Air Dryers

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6-PAK series air dryer are high volume (16,000 or 24,000 SCFD) modular systems designed to provide a completely automatic source of dry air for continuous feed pressure systems.

The 6-PAK-16 incorporates two individually controlled air dryer systems (each with two compressors) to supply up to 16,000 SCFD; the 6-PAK-24 utilizes three systems to supply up to 24,000 SCFD.

Power Savings. The 6-PAK requires only 4 1/2 H.P. to produce 24,000 SCFD, compared with 6 H.P. in some competitive units. This results in 1/3 less heat produced and 1/3 less power consumed.

6-PAKs are microprocessor controlled featuring automatic output adjustments, complete backup capability in the same cabinet, and automatic alarm for high/low pressure, high humidity, compressor failure and power failure.

The microprocessor adjusts the air dryer output by monitoring the airflow demand and automatically selecting the number of drying systems and compressors necessary to satisfy the demand. All additional systems are placed in standby and can be drawn on to supply an increase in airflow. Drying systems are placed back in standby when the demand is reduced, thereby decreasing power consumption and maintenance costs.

Reliability and Complete Back up. Each compressor bank and drying system is individually controlled. In the unlikely event of a problem, the 6-PAK-16 will operate at 1/2 capacity and the 6-PAK-24 will operate at 2/3 capacity. Any systems in the standby mode will be automatically started to cover additional demand. A manual control system which includes a separate humidity monitor and sensor provides back-up for the automatic control system.


  • Computer controlled - A microprocessor monitors demand and turn systems on and off as necessary, as well as alternates the duty cycle of systems to maintain even run times.
  • Oil-free air - Reliable oilless compressor ensures completely oil-free air at all times.
  • Solid state humidity alarm - Signals an alarm circuit when humidity reaches 2% R.H.
  • Vibration-free operation - Dynamically balanced compressors with shock mounts significantly reduce vibration.
  • Equal system run times - Built-in alternator automatically cycles stand-by systems for equalized run times.
  • Accessibility - Complete accessibility to all components from front of cabinet.
  • Plug in modules.- All compressors and drying systems are modular plug-in units. Building block design provides for capacity upgrading and easy servicing.
  • Push button solid state controls.
  • Automatic demand matching.
  • Ultra quiet operation.
  • High-low pressure alarm.
  • Electronic moisture meter.
  • Output indicator.

Link to Specifications. There are also Bulletins available for downloads.

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