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1. Series JH 150/170 Flow Transducers Junction/Housing
2. CSI Type TH-5 Pressure Transducer Housings
3. Type FTH-150 Multiple Manifold/Transducer Housing


Type FTH-150

Multiple Manifold/Transducer Housing

With the installation of more than one air pipe per manhole, when required to support large numbers of cables, the need for multiple flow transducer/manifold monitoring has developed.

To meet this need most economically, CSI has developed a unique underground housing, the FTH-150, which facilitates the installation of multiple devices without additional junction boxes or special splice cases.

The new FTH-150 Series, provides a union of CSI Model 150 Flow Transducers and "C" Manifolds that installs as one unit. Pressure Transducers, Model 100F-1, can be added for areas requiring monitoring of the air pipe at manifold locations. The FTH-150 Series housings is equipped with a single 25 pair cable stub for common splicing of up to three Model 150 Flow Transducers and up to three Model 100F-1 Pressure Transducers.

  • Preassembled at factory to speed installation
  • Expandable at any time
  • Spare pair convenience eliminates junction box
  • 15 ft., 25 pair PIC cable stub standard
  • Talk Pair access
  • Lightweight, durable stainless steel housing
  • Automatic check valve built into each Model 150 Flow Transducer
  • Available with 100F-1 Pressure Transducer


Cable Stub15 ft., 25 air, 22 AWG, PIC, TEL-U Type sheath
MaterialHousing - #316 Passivated Stainless Steel;
Components - Tin plated bronze or brass
Weight15 lbs to 28 lbs depending on configuration
Dimensions6" H x 5 1/2" W x 23" L
PressureInlet 0-10 PSIG
Maximum safe over pressure - 35 PSIG (49.7 PSIA) for flow transducer
Flow rangeStandard 0.0 - 19.0 SCFH (-20)
Optional 0.0 - 47.5 SCFH (-50)
or 0.0 - 9.5 SCFH (-10)

Ordering info

FTH-353-20 - Housing equipped with three 150-20 Flow Transducers, three "C" Manifolds and three 100F-1 Pressure Transducers.
FTH-250-20 - Housing equipped with two 150-20 Flow Transducers, two "C" Manifolds and No (0) Pressure Transducers.

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